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Summer Tanager
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Photo of female Summer Tanager, eating "berry flavor" cracked corn suet.  Spring 2008 is the first season I noticed a Summer Tanager at the feeders.  This solitary female ravenously devoured suet during her two-day visit, presumably before moving on to her summer territory.   
Central Indiana - May 12, 2008
Photo of female Summer Tanager.    The partly raised crest caused some identification delays, not to mention the drab coloration compared to the brilliant red male (often highlighted in male-centric field guides) made it difficult to focus in on possibilities. 
Central Indiana - May 12, 2008
Female Summer Tanager at suet basket.  The picture shows the female's drab coloration, and size relative to a standard suet basket. 
Central Indiana - May 12, 2008
Female Summer Tanager
Central Indiana  - May 12, 2008

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