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Northern Cardinal
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Northern Cardinal, female.  Cardinals are common, and very much enjoyed, visitors to bird feeders.  Cardinals have visited my feeders since I installed them in 2006, though not frequetly at first.  Over the years, they've become more frquent visitors.  I believe this is due to accessible cover provided by the now appreciably sized Norway Spruce we planted in early 2005, as well as multiple species of shrubs and trees throughout the yard.  It's been a fairly mild winter this year, but Cardinals are visiting in larger numbers than I've seen to date.  This year I'm regularly seeing around 8 at a time, and as many as 14.
Central Indiana - February 25, 2017
Northern Cardinal, female.  This lady looks like she's had a rough start to the day to say the least.  While I have a the better picture above of the female cardinal, I think I'll always leave this picture because we've all felt the way this cardinal looks at some point!
Central Indiana - May 18, 2006
Northern Cardinal, males 
Central Indiana - February 25, 2017
Northern Cardinal, male
Central Indiana - February 25, 2017

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