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Cooper's Hawk
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Juvenile Cooper's Hawk.  In the winter, sparrows flock to the wheel wells of the truck -- an ideal wind break and warming area with the sun beating down on the dark metal and tire rubber.  The hawk waits on the truck sunroof, out of sight, for a sparrow to venture back out to the feeder. 
Central Indiana - November 26, 2006
Juvenile Cooper's Hawk.  It's difficult to accept that hawks prey on the birds we enjoy watching and feeding.  But they do play a vital role in nature, and no one can deny their magnificence.
Central Indiana - December 9, 2006
Juvenile Cooper's Hawk.  According to Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Cooper's Hawks specialize in preying on birds and while they are built for speed and ability to dash through wooded areas in pursuit of prey, such high-speed pursuits among wooded obstacles are not without risk.  A recent study found that nearly a quarter of the hawks observed had healed fractures in the bones of the chest. (Cornell's All About Birds, online bird guide.)
Central Indiana - December 9, 2006
Juvenile Cooper's Hawk.
Central Indiana - December 9, 2006  

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