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Brown Thrasher
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Brown Thrasher.  The Brown Thrasher is a member of the Mimid family, which includes mockingbirds and catbirds, known for their diverse and beautiful songs.  Brown Thrashers are often heard, but not seen since with exception of establishing their territories, they will stick to the cover of dense brush.  They are ground-foragers and will often run along the ground with tail raised, rather than fly.  Brown Thrashers are summer residents of central and northern Indiana, with winter range in the southernmost part of the state and beyond.  Their populations are declining, and according to Cornell's online guide (All About Birds), the population decline could be due to maturation of the woody habitats and removal of fence and hedgerows they nest and winter in.
Central Indiana - April 21, 2008.
Brown Thrasher video Click HERE to view a video taken April 14, 2009.  The video quality is not the best given the distance and rainy weather, but is a great illustration of the Brown Thrasher's beautiful song repertoire.

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